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Set the scene, bring spell effects to life and allow your tabletop
miniatures to explore new realms with PlaneShift Display Bases. 

About Planeshift

At PlaneShift, we’re focused on creating interchangeable, primed and ready to paint display bases for tabletop miniatures. With the right bases for your PCs and monsters,
 you can transform their world, set the scene, and explore every corner of their realm.

DM/GM and PC-friendly, you can use PlaneShift Display Bases to memorialize player deaths or TPKs, frame effects for monsters, enshrine offerings to patrons or bring epic spells to life. 

Take your players home or explore exciting terrains with PlaneShift.

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See Your Base in Real Time

Thanks to our friends at SeekXR, we’re able to bring to you 3D models of our display bases for your viewing pleasure. Click on any of the models below and view the display base in augmented reality anytime, anywhere.

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Why Planeshift?

While plain, black display bases offer a functional way for your miniatures to stay upright, we wanted more.

We wanted more paintable area and more engaging alternatives to standard miniature bases. With pre-designed settings and plenty of space to get creative, you can take your tabletop adventures to the next level.

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