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Our Story is Just Beginning

The idea came to Stephanie during a miniature painting party when she asked herself “why isn’t there more room to paint the bases of the miniatures?” From there, Stephanie and William took the concept and ran with it which grew to include all kinds of spell effects and terrain. Their ideas and their belief that miniature bases should incite creativity, and give an in-world view of the characters, is what developed into the full line of PlaneShift Display Bases available today.


With a dream, a name and a design, the PlaneShift team quickly realized the impact our display bases could have on tabletop gaming and character presentation. For years, we had observed a large community of gamers amassing around the latest and greatest Kickstarter campaigns. Which is why Kickstarter was an obvious choice for us to launch our campaign. Our primed and ready to paint display bases provide players a canvas for their own realm and spell discovery, adding magic and depth to all character creation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide tabletop display accessories that incite creativity while also allowing players to explore visual elements of spell effects and landscapes through their miniature creations.